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What Our Patients Say

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Since you began treating me in 2010, my need for anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and stiffness has been gradually decreasing. During the last year I have only needed one or two doses when I felt pain or stiffness instead of four to twelve or more. My need for these drugs has now decreased even further. Three and a half months have passed since I last took any anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and stiffness. My previous record was about two months.

I seriously injured one of my shoulders about 50 years ago. That shoulder is now in the best condition it has been since before the injury.

My brother has been coming to Dr. Keppler since his accident (approximately 1 month). My brother was impressed with the services and skill along with the staff. He surprised me with an appointment because I have had shoulder and neck discomfort for a long time. I appreciate the educational videos that I have watched while waiting for my appointment. Dr. Keppler was personable, and I could tell he was caring and competent. When he showed me the results of my neck x-ray, I saw before my eyes the true reason of my discomfort. My neck was off center! Upon my next appointment I witnessed my first adjustment. It was great. My anticipation of feeling pain was alleviated because I actually felt good. Even seeing the lights go off in my brain was cool! Mai gave me my first traction treatment, and with listening to soothing music, I could have gone into a meditation. I do not know everyone’s name yet but the front desk individuals are wonderful too! I’m ready to start my journey to "Getting My Head On Straight." MS

I am doing a lot better. My mid-back is handled and my neck has gotten a lot better. I’m not experiencing anything like the headaches I used to get. Problems with my knees and ankles are gone. Thanks so much! RF