Auto Accident Injuries


Injured in an accident? 

At Keppler Chiropractic, we are experts not just in providing chiropractic care, but in navigating personal injury cases from filing claims to seeking further treatment beyond our office. We have relationships with other health professionals such as neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, MRI clinics, and physical therapists that can provide you the extended care needed to treat your injuries in conjunction with the care you receive from us. We also have a state of the art x-ray machine that provides a clear picture of what is going on beyond the surface so we can make accurate evaluations. 

We also work with any and all personal injury attorneys, and accept liens as a form of payment. We will develop a well composed report for your attorney that will detail your injuries and plan of care, including visual proof and diagrams as needed, which will help your claim go as smoothly as possible.

It is this understanding of the process and our years of experience in dealing with injury victims that has made us the Sacramento area’s go-to source for chiropractic care after an accident.

Whiplash – What You Need to Know

Many times, an auto accident can cause issues in it’s aftermath that you may not be immediately aware of. Pain can take time to manifest, and when it does, it can affect your life and your comfortable mobility profoundly.

One of the most common injuries in an accident is whiplash. Whiplash happens when your body jolts abruptly and you are in a stationery position. It happens most frequently when you are rear-ended by another driver. When this occurs, your body is pushed forward while your neck, which is not restricted by a seatbelt, is also jolted forward in a disjointed manner. That movement can cause damage to the very fragile structure of your neck.

It is highly common for whiplash to occur without the victim being aware of the damage for several days following the accident. Some common symptoms of this include loss of motion in your neck, pain in the general area, and headaches or dizziness. 

We are experts in treating whiplash and utilize a series of chiropractic adjustments and exercise methods that will ensure your healing process is swift. This will prevent not just short term pain, but other side effects that can linger long after the accident is a distant memory. Proper treatment will also help make you less susceptible to future injuries in this same area.

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