Your health should come first. Contact us for an evaluation immediately following your accident so that we can work together to determine the course of action that will be best for your optimize wellness.
The amount of damage to your vehicle is not indicative to damage that may have occurred to your body from the impact of an accident. There are many times where the true repercussions of an accident are not seen or felt immediately, which is why it is critical for you to see a chiropractor as quickly after the accident as possible. 
Your auto accident insurance will pay for chiropractic care in most cases, and generally covers 100% of what is needed. Contact our office for assistance or if you have questions: 916-553-2333.
Even if you went to the hospital after an accident, it is likely that they would not be able to diagnose any injuries you have as those can take a couple of days to fully manifest. Medical doctors/hospitals will generally only examine you for things like life threatening injuries and evaluate your vital signs - without providing you the specialized examination that you would receive from a chiropractic specialist.  
When you have suffered more severe injuries, it is likely that you will require care beyond chiropractic. We are happy to refer you to these procedures and will work with in conjunction with them to ensure you receive the most complete care possible.
It is not advisable that you accept any settlement until you have been fully evaluated by a chiropractic professional. If you enter a settlement too soon or before your full injury assessment is complete, you will be responsible for paying for your care out of pocket.
Chiropractic care is designed to be gentle and soothing to your injuries. All of the methods used by our office is 100% safe and has been applied to individuals of all ages, including infants and the elderly.