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  • Sciatica Chiropractors in Sacramento
    Scoliosis: Your Options for Pain Relief and Treatment
    Scoliosist, Pain Treatment, Pain Relief

    It is important to express the need for patient education regarding alternative options for the treatment of scoliosis in the Sacramento community. Pain resulting from scoliosis is primarily treated with medications by a vast majority of medical professionals.

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  • Sciatica Chiropractors in Sacramento
    How to Alleviate or End Foot Pain?
    Foot Pain ReliefFoot, Pain Treatment, Foot Massage

    I had a patient who came in to our office after living with two years of excruciating foot pain, lower back and hip pain. She had been to several doctors, including an arthritis specialist, and had been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and the need for foot surgery.

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  • 5 Ways You Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care in Sacramento
    5 Ways You Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care
    Chiropractic Care, Pain Relief, Comprehensive Treatment

    There are many ways to benefit from visiting Dr. James Keppler, DC at Keppler Chiropractic! You may hear many stories from friends and family members telling you how they have improved their lives through chiropractic care because chiropractic treatment is based on you as an individual.

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  • 10 Important Steps after an Auto Accident in Sacramento
    10 Important Steps after an Auto Accident
    Auto Accident Care, Whiplash, Pain Rehabilitation

    At Keppler Chiropractic, we understand how auto accidents can be stressful, frustrating, and downright scary. Dealing with an auto accident correctly and immediately is a key factor is ensuring the best results possible for your case.

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  • 12 All Natural Antibiotics | Chiropractors Sacramento
    12 All Natural Antibiotics
    Natural Antibiotics, Health, Wellness, Nutrition

    As a nation, we have become very dependent on antibiotic pills. This results in drug-resistant bacteria and other “super bugs” that keep evolving faster than scientists have time to research, making it hard to fight them off.

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  • Body Conscious or Health Conscious? | Chiropractor Sacramento CA
    Body Conscious or Health Conscious?
    Health, Wellness, Diet, Exercise, Body Maintenance

    At Keppler Chiropractic, we notice a lot of people out there who are so busy being concerned with how they look, they forget to be concerned with their actual health. There is a huge difference between being body conscious and being health conscious.

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  • Chiropractic Care Fights Osteoporosis Pain in Sacramento
    Chiropractic Care Fights Osteoporosis Pain
    Osteoporosis, Chronic Body Pain, Mobility, Chiropractic Adjustments

    Your bones are living tissue that are continuously being broken down and replaced. Osteoporosis happens when the building of new bone tissues cannot keep up with removal of old bone tissue. This causes extreme bone loss within the body and the bones to become severely and dangerously weak and brittle.

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  • Chiropractic Care Helps Combat Fibromyalgia in Sacramento
    Chiropractic Care Helps Combat Fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia, Debilitating Pain, Chronic Stress, Headaches

    What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease of the central nervous system causing debilitating pain that spreads throughout every part of the body. If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, you may experience symptoms such as headaches, painful menstrual cramps, cognitive and memory problems, and trouble sleeping.

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  • Chiropractic Treats Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis Pain in Sacramento
    Chiropractic Treats Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis Pain
    Osteoarthritis, Joint Disease, Body Pain, Chiropractic Adjustments

    What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is the joint disease usually occurring when the protective cartilage on the end of your bones wears down overtime. This cartilage is a firm and slippery tissue that allows almost completely smooth joint function.

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  • Fight Inflammation with These Foods! | Sacramento Chiropractor
    Fight Inflammation with These Foods!
    Inflammation, Chronic Disease Prevention, Health, Wellness

    When your body comes across anything it does not immediately recognize, your immune system will attack it. Foreign things such as invading microbes, plant pollen, or chemicals can be under attack by your immune system, which is a process commonly known as Inflammation.

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  • How Chiropractic Care Boosts Your Immunity in Sacramento
    How Chiropractic Care Boosts Your Immunity
    Immunity, Chiropractic Adjustments, Subluxations, Holistic Care

    Within a healthy body, the immune system and nervous system work seamlessly together to create the absolute best responses. This allows the proper healing and adaptation for the body. When your spine becomes misaligned, it can cause neural dysfunction and stress to the body, leading to poor coordinated immune system responses.

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